Saturday, 26 February 2011

EARTH ..........A privileged planet .

EARTH ..........A privileged planet .
Exquisitely designed both for life and for scientific discovery .
Dr Jay Richards :
In the book we talk about habitability conditions - the things you need to build a habitable planet. You need to have the right kind of star ( for a sun ) You need to have the right size planet . You need to be the right distance from the star , in the so called....Goldilocks zone......where it is not to hot , neither to cold . You have to be in the right galaxy , with the right kind of elements . You need to be in the right place in the galaxy .
And then you need to be in a Universe where all the physical constants that are true everywhere in the Universe are ....just right..... . You have gravity at just the right setting . And the force of electromagnetism is set just so.
These are suggestive when you are talking about design . But for Guillermo and me , what really cinched it was the realization that when we looked at all the things you need for building a habitable planet , you also end up with the best conditions for doing science . In other words , those rare little pockets in the Universe where life can exist are also the best places for observing the Universe around us .
Interview with Dr Jay Richards , point of view radio talk show .
"Chance or design" Renewing Americas mind DVD 2007 . 

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