Friday, 25 March 2011

The fossil record , clearly supports creation to degeneration ........

The fossil record , clearly supports creation to degeneration as recorded in the book of Genesis 1-3 .
Concerning the Cambrian explosion :
The sudden and simultaneous appearance of more than 70 complex animal phyla ( during the Cambrian explosion ) defies naturalistic explanation , especially considering that only 30 of those phyla exist today and non of the phyla are new .With more than forty such phyla disapearing and no new ones appearing over the past half billion years , evolution's going the wrong way .
Fazale Rana and Hugh Ross . Origin of life , 2004 , p206 .

No phylum is connected to any other via intermediate types . Indeed , none of the invertebrate classes can be connected with another class by a series of intermediates . The relationships among phyla and classes MUST BE INFERRED .
JV Valentine , "What Darwin Began" 1985 p162 . 

I do not accept the millions of years of evolutionary theory .
Phyla = plural of phylum = 1. Biology A primary division of a kingdom, as of the animal kingdom, ranking next above a class in size.

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