Monday, 16 May 2011

Do not wander to close to the edge you will turn into a starfish ?????????

One day a human wandered to close to space and became an astronaut ....? Actually when you think of that , the only way a human could become an astronaut is if there was intelligent input in order to make the human survive in space ....I mean , we know how stupid it would be to say , "I know , let us put somebody right on the of space and put a cctv camera on them for millions of years and observe them as they turn into an astronaut ." But these fools , evolutionary pied pipers , can tell us a dog like animal wandered to close to an alien ( water ) environment and over millions of years became able to conquer the environmental differences and is now the largest of sea creatures ( Whale ) .....WOW , gets better and more mind blowing each time . I could write a book on this ...Oh what a shame somebody called Darwin already has :) That guy must have had a wonderful imagination .

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