Sunday, 5 June 2011

Life needs life needs information needs intelligence .....

Evolution , the full meaning of evolution requires an explanation for origins and that is all origins . Including Stellar evolution , cosmology ...the evolution of the Universe which then carries on into the evolution of life forms ie the origin of the first life ( although evolutionists will try to dismiss this ) . And it is called abiogenesis , but ...the Law of Biogenesis ... negates this as the law of biogenesis , as demonstrated by Pasteur , shows that life produces life and non life can not become living as the evolutionary origins of life claim . This law of Biogenesis fits with the laws of motion which state everything which has a beginning  needs a CAUSE . This CAUSE , who does not need a cause as He did not have a beginning , and the originator of life is the supreme mind of the Universe and beyond our Universe . Who spoke to us through His Son Jesus Christ .
It is not science verses religion , that is a ploy by Neo Darwinists to undermine creation , it is religion verses religion . Science confirms what the Word of God says . This can be demonstrated in the first verse of the Bible and what scientists have discovered and only been able to demonstrate recently . Leading evolutionists actually state that there is no known evidence observable or that can be shown to support biological evolution . BUT the whole debate is concerning INFORMATION and information does not come about blindly it takes intelligence to create information . If I had a piece of chalk and wanted to write an equation on the board with the chalk , the information for the equation would not be in the chalk but in an external source ,which would have to be intelligent enough to calculate the equation . Genesis 1:1 In the beginning TIME God CAUSE created ACTION the heavens SPACE and the Earth MATTER .
So we have here all the necessary workings of our Universe TIME , SPACE , ACTION , CAUSE , SPACE and MATTER within the first verse which was written down by Moses four thousand years ago and only confirmed scientifically recently .
Evolution IS a RELIGION :
There are those who admit that evolution serves as a religion for those who hold on to the evolutionary paradigm . Many deny the religion of evolution , but it is a religion , just as it was in Darwins day so it is today .
Michael Ruse :
" Evolution came about as a kind of secular ideology, an explicit substitute for Christianity . "
" It is promulgated as an ideology , a secular religion a full fledged alternative to Christianity . With meaning and morality ."
" Evolution is a religion . This was true of evolution in the beginning and it is true of evolution still today ."
Michael Ruse , "Saving Darwinism from the Darwinists." National Post , May 3rd 2000

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