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GENETIC MUTATIONS say NO to increasing complexity :

GENETIC MUTATIONS say NO to increasing complexity :
Geneticist Lane Lester and population biologist Raymond Bohlin :
The overall factor that has come up again and again is that mutation remains the ultimate source of all genetic variation in any evolutionary model. Being unsatisfied with the prospects of accumulating small point mutatio...ns, many are turning to macromutations to explain the origin of evolutionary novelties. Goldschmidt's hopeful monsters have indeed returned. However, though macromutations of many varieties produce drastic changes, the vast majority will be incapable of survival, let alone show the marks of increasing complexity. If structural gene mutations are inadequate because of their inability to produce significant enough changes, then regulatory and developmental mutations appear even less useful because of the greater likelihood of nonadaptive or even destructive consequences… But one thing seems certain: at present, the thesis that mutations, whether great or small, are capable of producing limitless biological change is more an article of FAITH than fact.
Lane P. Lester, Raymond G. Bohlin, The Natural Limits to Biological Change, Probe Books, Dallas, 1989, pp. 141-142.
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FAITH THAN FACT ??????????????????? Ooooohhhh the religion of evolutionary paradigm . Now that is blind FAITH .
Mutations, consist of chance changes in genetic codes,they do not have a beneficial influence on organisms' GENETIC DATA . Rather the opposite is true : living organisms affected by mutation undergo serious illnesses and deformities. Hence, the more a living organism is... affected by ...mutation, the less chance it has of surviving. 

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