Tuesday, 6 September 2011

HOMO HABILIS .Put together from the waste bin of ape and human fossil bits .
EVOLUTIONARY DECEPTION . What , another ? Yes , another .
Are you under the impression that there are ape like humans , that supposedly show a link to our past and are part of our common ancestor tree ? Well you would not be alone in thinking this because that is what we have been indoctrinated to believe...... . The main stream media is fast to lock onto anything that is banded about claiming to be a link to our origins . One of these supposed missing links (Although there is no such thing as a missing link in reality , and logicaly how can something be missing if it has never been there ?) HOMO HABILIS , was one of them ,put together from the waste bin of ape and human fossils bits . THE LIE CONTINUES .
The usual evolutionary story upset (summary)
The most common ‘neat’ story of human evolution has australopithecines (such as ‘Lucy’) evolving into Homo habilis, which evolves into Homo erectus, which evolves into Homo sapiens. Australopithecines have no clear connection to humans, but museums, popular articles and text-books for schools and universities commonly claimed that Homo habilis linked them with humans (Homo erectus and Homo sapiens). While one camp of paleontologists argued that Homo habilis was not a valid taxon, being a waste bin of mixed ape and human fossil bits, other evolutionists clung to H. habilis as being valid. Now even those who still claim it was valid are putting it aside. That effectively leaves a gaping hole in the story of human evolution, with nothing left to link humans with apes.

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