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Many cultures from around the world display and have within them a well grounded history of creatures , which , when on inspection , resemble to a great degree , what we today would understand as being Dinosaurs . The word dinosaur was first penned by Sir Richard Owen, FRS KCB (20 July 1804 – 18 December 1892) who was an English biologist, comparative anatomist and palaeontologist. Prior to the word dinosaur , ancient cultures and more modern cultures would use the word Dragon .
Atheistic evolutionary astronomer Carl Sagan took very seriously the accounts of encounters with dinosaurs ( dragons ) that have been recorded through the ages . He said : Carl Sagan , " The pervasiveness of dragon myths in the folk legends of many cultures is probably no accident" (Sagan, Carl, The Dragons of Eden, New York: Random House, 1977, p. 149).
The seriousness with which he took this matter is demonstrated by his attempt at trying to address this problem , for evolutionary theory , of man living alongside dinosaurs when man and dinosaurs are supposed to be , according to evolutionary theory , seperated by some sixty million years ( hypothetical years . And are part of the evolutionary interpretation of the evidences that we all have ). According to Carl Sagan the depictions of dinosaurs found globally spanning many cultures down the ages are just products of outward expressions of inherited memories from our primeval past .
Peter Dickinson : "Carl Sagan tried to account for the spread and consistency of dragon legends by saying that they are fossil memories of the time of the dinosaurs, come down to us through a general mammalian memory inherited from the early mammals, our ancestors, who had to compete with the great predatory lizards." (Dickinson, Peter, The Flight of Dragons, New York: Harper and Row, 1979, p. 127).
What a great scientific conclussion from Mr Carl Sagan who said the following regarding scientific discovery and how science works , whilst speaking at an annual convention of the American Association for the Advancement of Science ( AAAS ) in San Francisco -----Carl Sagan " The most fundamental axioms and conclusions may be challenged . " and the prevailing hypothesis " must survive confrontation with OBSERVATION ." " Appeals to authority ." he said , " are impermissible ." And " Experiments must be reproducible . "
Carl Sagan . Velikovsky's Challenge to Science cassette tape 186-74 , produced by the American Association for the Advancement of Science , Washington DC .
Louis Jacobs , former president of the society of Vertebrate Paleontology ......
"Such an association (man and dinosaur) would dispel an Earth with vast antiquity . The entire history of creation , including the day of rest , could be accommodated in the seven biblical days of the Genesis myth . EVOLUTION WOULD BE VANQUISHED ."

Mr Jacobs does not hold to the biblical worldview , this is obvious by his calling the Genesis account myth , but he clearly understands that if man and dinosaurs co-existed then it is the final nail in the coffin for the Evolutionary Paradigm .
From the evidence that is available , which spans every tribe and nation globally , it is obvious that man and dinosaurs co-existed . The very book (Bible , Word of God ) he attempts to claim as myth contains eyewitness accounts of what are clearly known by us today as DINOSAURS .
A great book for anybody searching out evidence for the co existence of man and what we call today dinosuars then the following book by Bill Cooper is a great read . Also Dragons and Dinosaurs by Darek Isaacs .

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