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SAUROPODS / APATOSAURUS ( Dinosaur ) depicted on ancient cylinder seal ?

SAUROPODS / APATOSAURUS ( Dinosaur ) depicted on ancient cylinder seal ?
An ancient ( Egyptian ) Mesopotamian cylinder seal , dated at 3300 BC. (Moortgart, Anton, The Art of Ancient Mesopotamia, 1969, plate 292.) seems to be displaying Sauropod or Apatosaurus like dinosaurs . Take a look at the artist picture on the right of a single Apatosaurus , which is an artist conception from an Apatosaurus skeleton , now compare it to the ancient seal depiction on the left . The similarities between th......ese two depictions are very striking . The legs and feet on the Egyptian art seem to fit the sauropods better .....Sauropod pictures
Apatosaurus pictures .....
The head displays the biggest difference . The artists depiction of the Cartilage forming the shape of a frill or ears may be stylized or accurate ( as there is no way to know from the skeletons we have today). The skill with which the egyptian artist has captured the musculature of the animal is demonstrated with stunning realism.
It must be asked , where did the artist or how did the artist conjure up such an accurate image of what we today call dinosaurs ?
The question must be asked " how could artists decorating an ancient Egyptian seal know what a dinosaur ( SAUROPODS / APATOSAURUS ) looked like , when dino skeletons have only begun to be assembled during the past two hundred years and we are told they died ...out over 60 million years ago ? ( hypothetical years . And are part of the evolutionary interpretation of the evidences that we all have ) COULD IT BE THAT DINO'S AND MAN ACTUALLY LIVED ALONGSIDE ONE ANOTHER , and very recently ?
Did these artists witness these animals for themselves ?
Louis Jacobs , former president of the society of Vertebrate Paleontology ......
"Such an association (man and dinosaur) would dispel an Earth with vast antiquity . The entire history of creation , including the day of rest , could be accommodated in the seven biblical days of the ......Genesis myth . EVOLUTION WOULD BE VANQUISHED ."

Mr Jacobs does not hold to the biblical worldview , this is obvious by his calling the Genesis account myth , but he clearly understands that if man and dinosaurs co-existed then it is the final nail in the coffin for the Evolutionary Paradigm .
From the evidence that is available , which spans every tribe and nation globally , it is obvious that man and dinosaurs co-existed . The very book (Bible , Word of God ) he attempts to claim as myth contains eyewitness accounts of what are clearly known by us today as DINOSAURS .
A great book for anybody searching out evidence for the co existence of man and what we call today dinosuars then the following book by Bill Cooper is a great read . Also Dragons and Dinosaurs by Darek Isaacs .

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