Sunday, 20 November 2011


Charles Darwin was responsible for the same storytelling as his modern followers are quilty of in this present day . But it is not only Charles Darwin and todays Darwinists that are guilty of telling stories of far fetching imagination , it has been happening for the past one hundred and fifty years . As a result , true science , that got men to the moon and satelites orbiting our planet is not used by proponents of the evolutionary paradigm , as true science illuminates their storytelling .
“The sciences dealing with the past, stand before the bar of common sense on a different footing. Therefore, a grotesque account of a period some thousands of years ago is taken seriously though it be built by piling special assumptions on special assumptions, ad hoc hypothesis on ad hoc hypothesis, and tearing apart the fabric of science whenever it appears convenient. The result is a fantasia which is neither history nor science.”
—James Conant, Ph.D. (Harvard) chemist and former President of Harvard University, quoted in Origins Research 5(2):2, 1982. 

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