Sunday, 27 November 2011

The humble BRITTLESTAR has lenses that are a technological marvel.......

The humble BRITTLESTAR has lenses that are a technological marvel . Arrays of minute calcite crystals focus light on to nerve bundles about 5 micrometers below them , such that the intensity of light on the photoreceptors is 50 times greater than at the surface of the lens .


‎" The spindly arms of brittlestars may double as a primitive eye thanks to microscopic crystals in its skeleton that focus light .THESE TINY LENSES RIVAL THE BEST THAT HUMAN TECHNOLOGY CAN OFFER ....."
New Scientist 25th August 2001 page 11...

MOTHS : Have tiny eyes but they have colour vision , even at night .
" The moths use these seperate colour receptors . blue , green and ultraviolet . At night that leaves so little light per receptor that the insects should be almost blind . But hawk moths have a host of adaptations to compensate . One is a mirror like structure at the base of the.eye , which reflects the light across the photoreceptors for a second time . The structure of the compound eye also allows each facet to supplement the light that strikes it with light from as many as 600 others ."
New Scientist 2nd November 2002 page 23 .

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