Monday, 12 December 2011


Presently (2011) , the human population of the planet we inhabit is close to 7 billion people ( todays growth rate is 1.7% .(1) ) .
- in 1985 , some 26 years ago , there was 5 billion people on Earth .
- in 1800 , some 211 years ago , there was 1 billion people on Earth .
- at the time of Jesus Christ , some 2000 years ago , there was a quarter of a billion people on Earth .
Interestingly , if we trace back the human population of the Earth we find that approximately 4500 years ago there would have only been a handful of people on our planet ( using a growth rate of 0.5% .(2) ) . Again , interestingly , approximately 4500 years ago would have been the time that the Bible records the family of Noah , 8 people in all , would have left the ark on a mission to re populate the world .

We can see from these figures the kind of timeline required to get from a handful of people to 7 billion people on our planet . The human population of our planet is clearly in support and demonstrates support for humans having been on this planet for thousands and not millions of years as required by the evolutionary theory . If the evolutionary interpretation of the evidences that we all have was true , then , the question would need to be asked " WHERE ARE ALL THE PEOPLE ?"
CLEARLY , if it only takes 4500 years to get from a handful to 7 billion living on our planet then we should be expected to have living on our planet today , according to the hypothetical millions of years of evolutionary theory , many trillions of people .
Actually , if we do the sums we find out the following :
If evolution is true then we should expect there to be 150,000 people per square inch living on our planet .
If evolution is true and we calculated back to 1 million years ago , with a growth rate for the population of 00.01% , then we should find on our planet today some 100, 000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 people living on our planet .
CLEARLY we need to ask the question again " WHERE ARE ALL THE PEOPLE ?"

1, Encyclopædia Britannica CD 2000, Trends in world population.
2. If r = % rate of growth per year, and the number of years of growth = n, then after n years, the population produced by the eight survivors of the Flood = 8(1+r/100)n. For a more comprehensive formula that takes into account longevity, number of children born and generation time, see Morris,H.M., World population and Bible chronology, Creation Research Society Quarterly 3(3):7–10, 1966. 

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