Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Chinese Lunar Year.......THE YEAR OF THE DRAGON :

The chinese Calendar , clearly , has twelve animals with each of the animals representing a lunar year . All the animals used to represent each lunar year have been chosen because they where observed and seen by human eyewitnesses .
So , why is it , the evolutionary proponents are in denial concerning one of the animals...... ? namely , the Dragon . It is obvious that these creatures are large terrible Lizards and are clearly the creatures that have been dug up since the 19th century , placed in museums and called Dinosaurs .

Chinese Paleontologist Dong Zhiming :
Chinese history ....
"The interpretation of dinosaurs as dragons goes back more than two thousand years in Chinese culture ."
Dong Zhiming ...
Secrets of the ica stones and nazca lines ,swift , page 80.
Large Terrible Lizards co-existed with humanity . The name change in the 19th century to Dinosaurs did not change that fact . Evolutionary paleontology dreamed up the idea that dinosaurs went extinct 60-70 million years ago (Evolutionary years are hypothetical , there has not been this amount of earth orbits around the sun ) .

If , the co-existence of dino and man is not a problem for the evolutionary paradigm , why , at all costs , is it denied when it is blatantly obvious dino and man co-existed in the recent past ?
Why is it that eyewitness accounts , cave drawings , pottery sketches , soft tissue etc are met with the most stupid of explanations to explain away this evidence ? Carl Sagan , for one , knew how serious a knock to the evolutionary paradigm the co existence of dino and man is . So , he came up with a totally non scientific answer which is ...........
They must be in the human mind from long ago when they where actually witnessed and this resulted in them at a later date being expressed in drawings etc . What rubbish , for them to have witnessed dinosaurs they must have lived along side one another . Also it is claimed that the American Indians were able to replicate images of dinos because they at some time in the past were great paleontologists who dug up bones and put them together . Bearing in mind the native American Indians would not dig up bones due to their belief that bones were not to be tampered with  for spiritual reasons etc . More to the point , it is obvious the American Indians witnessed dino's , just like the majority of other ancient and not so ancient civilizations .
To admit dino's lived with man would clearly be a hammer blow for the evolutionary timeline . The evolutionary paradigm is crumbling in all areas ......
Louis Jacobs , former president of the society of Vertebrate Paleontology ......
"Such an association (man and dinosaur) would dispel an Earth with vast antiquity . The entire history of creation , including the day of rest , could be accommodated in the seven biblical days of the ......Genesis myth . EVOLUTION WOULD BE VANQUISHED ."

Mr Jacobs does not hold to the biblical worldview , this is obvious by his calling the Genesis account myth , but he clearly understands that if man and dinosaurs co-existed then it is the final nail in the coffin for the Evolutionary Paradigm .
From the evidence that is available , which spans every tribe and nation globally , it is obvious that man and dinosaurs co-existed . The very book (Bible , Word of God ) he attempts to claim as myth contains eyewitness accounts of what are clearly known by us today as DINOSAURS .
A great book for anybody searching out evidence for the co existence of man and what we call today dinosuars then the following book by Bill Cooper is a great read . Also Dragons and Dinosaurs by Darek Isaacs .

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