Saturday, 18 February 2012

Have you the brains to work this out ?

Let us look at how cunning and deceptive the pied pipers of evolutionary paradigm are and how subtle is their war against The Supernatural Creator of The Universe with all of the order , laws and complexity we OBSERVE ......

The following words with reference to the human brain are from an article in Scientific American :
‘the most complex structure in the known universe, complex enough to coordinate the fingers of a concert pianist or to create a three-dimensional landscape from light that falls on a two-dimensional retina’.
Gerald D. Fischbach, ‘Mind and Brain’, Scientific American 267(3):24, September 1992.

A few lines more into the article we read the deception coming into play , which is clearly purposed at persuading the mind of the reader that their is no mind required to design the mind that designed the wording and meaning for this article . All that is required is time , chance and blind random processes .....

Scientific American :
‘the current version [of the brain] is the result of millions of years of evolution. It is difficult to understand the brain because, unlike a computer, it was not built with specific purposes or principles of design in mind. Natural selection, the engine of evolution, is responsible.’
Gerald D. Fischbach, ‘Mind and Brain’, Scientific American 267(3):24, September 1992.

This is what todays generation is being swamped with . The deliberate ideological and philosophical propaganda of the proponents who wish to reject obvious evidence for design in order to satisfy their wilfull atheistic ideology and force it on others under the umbrella of using evolutionary theory to justify atheism .
Design with no designer is illogical .
DO NOT BE FOOLED ...........

Isaac Asimov, for example, recognizes the apparent problem:
You can argue, of course, that the phenomenon of  life may be an exception [to the second law]. Life on earth has steadily grown more complex, more versatile, more elaborate, more orderly, over the billions of years of the planet’s existence. From no life at all, living molecules were developed, then living cells, then living conglomerates of cells, worms, vertebrates, mammals, finally Man. And in Man is a three-pound brain which, as far as we know, is the most complex and orderly arrangement of matter in the universe. How could the human brain develop out of the primeval slime? How could that vast increase in order (and therefore that vast decrease in entropy) have taken place? [1]

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