Monday, 12 March 2012

Darkened evolutionary specs firmly in place before looking .............

The a priori ( previously assumed ) battle cry and call to arms for the interpretation of the geological record , as being laid down over billions of years  with present day happenings ( Uniformitarianism ) being the standard of measurement through all ages over eons of time was sounded out by " the founder of modern geology " James Hutton . The date for this call was 1785 , well before the evidence was examined . This is a classic case of imposing a clear , unswerving or moving deliberate ideology upon how the evidence will be interpreted no matter what the evidence is demonstrating to the contrary .
James Hutton ( 1785 )
‘the past history of our globe MUST BE EXPLAINED by what can be seen to be happening now … No powers are to be employed that are not natural to the globe, NO ACTION TO BE ADMITTED except those of which we know the principle’ ( caps added )
Hutton, J., ‘Theory of the Earth’, a paper (with the same title of his 1795 book) communicated to the Royal Society of Edinburgh, and published in Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, 1785; cited with approval in Holmes, A., Principles of Physical Geology, 2nd edition, Thomas Nelson and Sons Ltd., Great Britain, pp. 43–44, 1965.
Clearly , James Hutton , had a Philosophical , ideological and religious agenda that he followed and which he encouraged others to follow . He also felt he did not need to adhere to the rulebook of the classic definition of science , therefore MAKING HIS OWN RULES .
Science - The search for truth (whatever that truth may be) through the scientific method of repeated experimentation and observation . 
Definition of Religion :
.......A set of beliefs concerning the cause , nature and purpose of the Universe......
The Random House College Dictionary 1982 p1114 . 

Now tell me evolutionary paradigm is not a religion , because they certainly do have a belief that materialism is all that is needed to produce this Universe and all the complex living organisms that are within it . They certainly can not demonstrate their worldview : 

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