Monday, 5 March 2012

Ideology of life's origins : .......Sssshhhhh

Origin of life.....ideology of life's origins : .......Sssshhhhh .
“The belief that life on earth arose spontaneously from non-living matter, is simply a matter of faith in strict reductionism and is based entirely on ideology.”
Hubert P. Yockey, 1992 (a non-creationist). Information Theory and Molecular Biology, Cambridge University Press, UK, p. 284.
No doubt , an evolutionist would reply to  this in the following way ," Biological Evolution is not about origins , it is about an explanation for the diversity ( change etc ) of living organisms on our planet . " or some other similar sounding parrot fashion , rote reply .
Well , I do not know about you , but , if there was no spontaneous arising of life from non living matter , except for a philosophical and ideological one , then how can non living matter organise itself into the diverse living complex organisms on our planet ?

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