Friday, 2 March 2012


Circumcision on the eighth day is ideal . Medical science has discovered that the blood clotting chemical prothrombin peaks in a newborn on the eighth day . This is therefore ...the safest day to circumcise a baby .How did Moses know ??????
Leviticus 12:3 On the eighth day the boy’s foreskin must be circumcised.
Circumcission was the visible sign of the promise to Abraham , that God would make Abraham the father of many nations and that God would be with Him .
This promise and covenent has been fulfilled by Jesus Christ and all the people from many different nations and people who have become followers of Jesus Christ .
Although circumcission in the flesh is not a requirement for followers of Christ , but the circumcission of the heart is . Resulting in a new creation in Christ Jesus .
Circumcision has many health benefits , one of them is the reduction of cervical cancer of the womb for partners with a male who has been circumcised .
So written down in God's Word approximately four thousand years ago , confirmed to be of benefit only in recent times .

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