Saturday, 21 April 2012

The Darwin to Hitler connection .....

The Darwin to Hitler connection .....
‘Since Darwin’s death, all has not been rosy in the evolutionary garden. The theories of the Great Bearded One have been hijacked by cranks, politicians, social reformers—and scientists—to support racist and bigoted views. A direct line runs from Darwin, through the founder of the eugenics movement—Darwin's cousin, Francis Galton—to the extermination camps of Nazi Europe.’
Martin Brookes, ‘Ripe old age,’ New Scientist 161(2171):41, 1999.
The ideas of Charles Darwin have greatly influenced the people of this planet for the past one hundred and fifty years or so , since Darwin's work was published . Sadly the majority of people who have been directly affected by this work will probably not have read it or even understood any of it . In the main it has been those who have been in position of authority who have worked out Darwin's thoughts on the people they have had authority over . Hitler , Stalin , Pol Pot etc are but a few of those who have been responsible for this .

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