Wednesday, 4 April 2012

LARGE DIFFERENCES IN DNA not small ones , seperate apes and monkeys from both humans and each other .

Chimp and Human DNA .
I well let the experts do all the explaining for this one as it is so obvious .
"We are told that we share 98.5 per cent of our DNA with chimps , a figure touted so widely it has almost become a mantra . Now it seems that number is WRONG . We actually share less than 95 per cent of our genetic material , so the difference is three times as great as was thought ."
New Scientist , 28th September 2002 page 20 .

Contrary to what you might think , LARGE DIFFERENCES IN DNA not small ones , seperate apes and monkeys from both humans and each other . Scientists believed that differences between primates were mainly the result of variations in individual DNA letters . But a detailed comparison of human chromosome 21 with corresponding pagregions of genetic material in chimpanzees , orang utans , rhesus macaques and woolly monkeys show the differences affect GREAT CHUNKS OF DNA .
New Scientist , 15th March 2003 page 26 . Genome Research vol 13 page 341 .

Dr Patrick Gill , FRCR writes :
" As there are at least 3,000 million units in the DNA chain , the real mismatch between humans and chimpanzeesd works out at 30 million per cell , which any scientist or doctor knows to be an unbridgeable chasm "
Medical Journal of Australia , vol 152 April 1990 .

Dr Barney Maddox , Leading genetic genome researcher , said , concerning these genetic differences , "Now the genetic difference between human and his nearest relative , the chimpanzee , is at least 1.6% . That does not sound like much , but calculated out that is a gap of at least 48,000,000 nucleotides , and  a change of only 3 nucleotides is fatal to an animal . There is no possibility of change ."
Human Genome Project , Quantative A Disproof of Evolution , CEM facts sheet . Cited in doubts about evolution ?

As you will notice , present day revelations and observations are confirming past and present observations . Dr Patrick Gill wrote his observations in 1990 so , considering the modern day revelations , as described in the other two quotes found in New Scientist , modern science is certainly contradicting the theory of Biological evolution or is it that biological evolution is evolving towards supporting the biblical creation interpretation of the evidence ? 

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