Friday, 18 May 2012

Darwinian tree planted in stony ground :

Darwinian tree planted in stony ground :
During the 1990s, research into the genetic codes of living things made worse the dillemma faced by the theory of evolution in this regard. In these experiments, "ribosomal RNA" (rRNA) sequences were compared. From the findings, evolutionist scientists goal was to establish an "evolutionary tree......." BUT , they were disappointed by the results.
French biologists Hervé Philippe and Patrick Forterre, "with more and more sequences available, it turned out that most protein phylogenies contradict each other as well as the rRNA tree."
Hervé Philippe and Patrick Forterre, "The Rooting of the Universal Tree of Life is Not Reliable," Journal of Molecular Evolution, vol 49, 1999, p. 510.
Science, vol. 283, 1999, p. 2027
No consistent organismal phylogeny has emerged from the many individual protein phylogenies so far produced. Phylogenetic incongruities can be seen everywhere in the universal tree, from its root to the major branchings within and among the various [groups] to the makeup of the primary groupings themselves.
Carl Woese, "The Universel Ancestor," Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA, 95, (1998) p. 6854.

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