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Evolution cannot account for the structure of avian lungs.

Evolution cannot account for the structure of avian lungs, .
LAND DWELLING CREATURES ( Carnivorous Theropods ..Dinosaurs ) air flow is bidirectional. Inhaling, air travels through the passages in the lungs (bronchial tubes), ending in tiny air sacs (alveoli). Exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide takes place here. Exhaling..., this used air makes its way back and finds its way out of the lung by the same route.
BIRDS air is unidirectional. New air comes in one end, and used air goes at the other end. Special air sacs all along the passages between them, air flows in one direction through the avian lung. Therefore birds are able to take in air nonstop. This satisfies birds' high energy requirements.
Michael Denton in his book A Theory in Crisis:
In the case of birds, the major bronchi break down into tiny tubes which permeate the lung tissue. These so-called parabronchi eventually join up together again, forming a true circulatory system so that air flows in one direction through the lungs. ...[T]he structure of the lung in birds and the overall functioning of the respiratory system is quite unique. No lung in any other vertebrate species is known which in any way approaches the avian system. Moreover, it is identical in all essential details in birds as diverse as humming birds, ostriches and hawks.
Michael Denton, A Theory in Crisis, Adler & Adler, 1986, pp. 210-211

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