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How , as land-dwelling creatures, did reptiles ever come to fly .This is an issue which has resulted in much speculation among evolutionists.
Two main theories are:
a) ancestors (reptiles) of birds descended to ground from trees. the reptiles lived in the treetops and came to possess wings gradually as they jumped from one branch to another. ARBOREAL THEORY.
b) Birds progressed to the air from the land. CURSORIAL (or "running") theory .
These theories are speculative interpretations, with no evidence to support either . Evolutionists SIMPLY IMAGINE that the evidence exists. 

Professor John Ostrom, head of the Geology Department at Yale University, who proposed the cursorial theory : 

NO FOSSIL evidence exists of any pro-avis. It is a PURE HYPOTHETICAL pre-bird, but one that must have existed.
John Ostrom, "Bird Flight: How Did It Begin?," American Scientist, January-February 1979, vol. 67, p. 47.
TOTAL IMAGINATION . The stuff fairytales are made from .

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