Friday, 15 June 2012


Evolutionary theory would have us believe there are no limits to biological change within living organisms . Charles Darwin also proposed this himself , as indeed it would be needed in order to get a simpler cell to a more complex cell . Put simply , fish to fishermen or Potato head to professor of agriculture .
But there are natural limits to Biological change and any breeder recognizes this .
Luther Burbank , considered one of the greatest breeding researches wrote about what he called " Reversion to the Average ."
" I know from my experience that I can develop a plum half an inch long or one 2.5 inches long , with every possible length in between , but I am willing to admit that it is hopeless to try to get a plum the size of a pea or one as big as a grapefruit ......there are limits to the development possible and these limits follow a law ....In short , there is undoubtedly a pull toward the mean which keeps all living things within some more or less fixed limitations ."
Luther Burbank , quoted in Wilbur Hall , Partner of Nature , 1939 p89-99

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