Saturday, 30 June 2012

NO fish to fishermen EVOLUTION :

Microevolution is not the kind of change that would get fish to fishermen . This is the bait and switch tactic used by evolutionary paradigm by naming this kind of change microevolution , which is the shuffling about of information already within the genome , in order to fool the masses into wrongly thinking they are observing the process that would eventually lead to the simplest of cells becoming the most complex of cells .
Microevolution will only ever produce dogs with variation , cats with variation , people with variation , bannanas with variation , apples with variation , oranges with variation , roses with variation etc .
Evolutionary biologists S.F. Gilbert, J.M. Opitz, and R.A. Raff :
The Modern Synthesis is a remarkable achievement. However, starting in the 1970s, many biologists began questioning its adequacy in explaining evolution. Genetics might be adequate for explaining microevolution, but microevolutionary changes in gene frequency were not seen as able to turn a reptile into a mammal or to convert a fish into an amphibian. Microevolution looks at adaptations that concern only the survival of the fittest, not the arrival of the fittest. As Goodwin (1995) points out, "the origin of species- Darwin's problem-remains unsolved .
Scott Gilbert, John Opitz, and Rudolf Raff, "Resynthesizing Evolutionary and Developmental Biology", Developmental Biology, 173, Article no. 0032, 1996, p. 361.

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