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THE SUPERNATURAL BIG BANG .......( Evolutionary models )

THE SUPERNATURAL BIG BANG .......( Evolutionary models )
Sir Anthony John Patrick Kenny :
According to the big bang theory, the whole matter of the universe began to exist at a particular time in the remote past. A proponent of such a theory, at least if he is an atheist, must believe that the matter of the universe came from nothing and by nothing.
Anthony Kenny, The Five Ways (New York: Schocken Books, 1969), p. 66.

James Cline :
"Where did matter come from ? The best theories of the origins of the Universe still fail to explain how it managed not to turn up empty ."
James Cline , McGill University Physicist . American Scientist , March/April 2004 . P148 .
"An Open Letter To The Scientific Community."
Published in New Scientist May 22 , 2004 . 
1 ) The big bang today relies on a GROWING NUMBER OF HYPOTHETICAL ENTITIES THINGS THAT WE HAVE NEVER OBSERVED = Inflation , dark matter and dark energy are the most prominent examples .
2) But the big bang theory CAN NOT SURVIVE without these FUDGE FACTORS .

InDSitial signature = 33 scientist from 10 countries .

Subsequent signatures = 500
218 scientists and engineers
187 independent researchers
105 others . 
Atheism and Naturalistic materialistic evolutionary theory calls into question anything that can not be explained using a purely materialistic naturalistic explanation for The Universe , it's origin and all things within The Universe . The problem arises for this methodology of interpretation right at the beginning of that which they attempt to explain away solely by using a purely materialistic naturalistic interpretation . And that is , The big bang cosmology they use to interpret the origins of The Universe . This cosmology states that The Universe came from NOTHING , yes NOTHING . This is a clear CONTRADICTION for them and DEMONSTRATES their reliance upon the SUPERNATURAL as we are all aware NOTHING produces NOTHING and always comes to NOTHING in total . CLEARLY , there is more to our Universe and all it contains than just naturalistic and materialistic processes . The thought of The Universe having a beginning has struck fear into the hearts of many evolutionary scientists . For many centuries past , the debate as to whether or not The Universe had a beginning has raged on . BUT , why such a big deal ? The big deal will certainly be in the hand of those who say "there is a Creator of The Universe" if it can be demonstrated that indeed The Universe had a beginning , that is the big deal . There are many scientific evidences now demonstrating that INDEED The Universe had a beginning . A moment when TIME , MATTER and ENERGY came into existence . Many still try to wriggle out of this event and dream up many non demonstratable theories because they wish to deliberately reject a CREATOR of The Universe and deny where the evidence is leading .  

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