Saturday, 28 July 2012


Peter Hitchens , the brother of the late Christopher Hitchens , asked the following question of the BBC and the rest of our secular establishment.............​........
The BBC teased religious leaders by asking them if they believed in the literal truth of the great Bible stories. I would like to ask BBC chiefs and the rest of our secular establishment if they believe in the literal truth of evolution. Evolution is an unproven theory. If what its fundamentalist supporters believe is true, fishes decided to grow lungs and legs and walk up the beach. The idea is so comically daft that only one thing explains its survival—that lonely, frightened people wanted to expel God from the Universe because they found the idea that He exists profoundly uncomfortable.”
Peter Hitchens feature page of the International Express (UK), on 5 January 2000:
Although Peter gives them a headstart by letting them consider the idea starting at fish , when there is an even more difficult explanation to understand , explain and accept and that is from the simpler cells to the more complex fish cells . There are so many more of the proposed evolutionary theory , biological , stages that are just as impossible to explain without the imaginitive storytelling the evolutionary pied pipers rely upon .

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  1. When you phrase the Darwinists' belief like that, it sounds pretty hilarious. What isn't hilarious, however, is that millions of people have swallowed Darwin's lie and rejected Christ thereof.