Thursday, 5 July 2012

Creative ability of raw energy ???????????

Evolutionary theory claims that the Sun's energy helped create the living organisms and life on our incredibly complex planet. But , is the simple addition of energy all that is needed to accomplish this great feat? When we Compare a living plant with a dead one. Does the simple addition of energy make a dead plant live? A dead plant contains the same basic structures as a living plant. It did use the Sun's energy to temporarily increase its order hence growth and production of stems, leaves, roots, and flowers - all beginning from a single seed. If there is a powerful Evolutionary force at work in the universe, and if the open system of Earth makes all the difference, then why does the Sun's energy not make a dead plant become alive again .....assuming a sufficient supply of water, light, and the like......?
So what really happens when a dead plant receives energy from the Sun? The internal organization in the plant decreases; it decays and break apart into its simplest components. The heat of the Sun only serves to speed up the disorganization process.

Scientist and origins expert, Dr. A.E. Wilder-Smith :
"What is the difference then between a stick, which is dead, and an orchid which is alive? The difference is that the orchid has teleonomy in it. It is a machine which is capturing energy to increase order. Where you have life, you have teleonomy, and then the Sun's energy can be taken and make the thing grow - increasing its order" [temporarily]
Arthur E. Wilder-Smith in Willem J.J. Glashouwer and Paul S. Taylor, The Origin of the Universe (PO Box 200, Gilbert AZ 85299 USA: Eden Films and Standard Media, 1983

What is Teleonomy ?
Teleonomy: Information stored within a living thing. Teleonomy involves the concept of something having a design and purpose. Non-teleonomy is “directionlessness,” having no project. The teleonomy of a living thing is somehow stored within its genes. Teleonomy can use energy and matter to produce order and complexity .
[Henry M. Morris, "Entropy and Open Systems," Acts and Facts, Vol. 5 (P.O. Box 2667, El Cajon, California 92021: Institute for Creation Research, October 1976).]

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