Friday, 13 July 2012

FOSSIL evidence speaks of rapid buriel :

The fossil record is characterized by fossil graveyards , where millions of creatures , such as fish are found buried together . This speaks of catastrope . Similarly , mixed beds of land and marine fossils speak of the sea inundating the land . A matural disaster such as the alleged Tsunami resulting from a crater off the Yucatan coast in the geological past produced just such a mixed bed of jumbled fossils .
The deposits include oysters from bays , snails from marshes and foraminifera that float in open water , along with impact debris such as solidified molten rock . As the tsunami retreated it dumped these together .
New Scientist , 12th February 2005 page 15 .
A worldwide global flood , as recorded in the book of Genesis chapters 6-9 would account for the majority of fossils buried in sedimentary layers all over the globe .

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