Monday, 30 July 2012

Haeckel's RELIGIOUS motivation ..........

Ernst Haeckel , the man who so desperately wanted Darwinian evolution to be true he forged and faked embryo pictures and manipulated them to fit the Darwinian ( evolutionary ) framework . He even presented these drawings to Darwin who was ecstatic to see that during the early stages of the embryo's existence they fitted his thinking , because , as he proposed , they looked so similar . BUT , as it turned out Haeckel faked these drawings and manipulated his presentation in order to fit the theory ( evolutionary ) . So , what was the real motivation of Haeckel ? Well , it seems ,  that he aimed to remove Him who created all things from His very own creation and replace The Creator of all things with a false scientific religion of human reason and natural processes ( evolutionary theory ) over eons of time , all by themselves , produced the complex biological living organisms that inhabit this planet .....
Richard Webster :
Haeckel, however, was not simply a biologist in the sense that we would use that word today. For he saw himself—and was seen by many German intellectuals and artists in the latter part of the nineteenth century and the early part of the twentieth century—as the founder of a new scientific religion. He called his philosophy monism and saw himself as the leader of a movement of aggressive rationalism which would eventually rid Germany of the last traces of superstitious religion and replace Christianity with a religion which glorified modern science.
Richard Webster
Why Freud was Wrong:
Sin, Science and Psychoanalysis
Basic Books, p. 229–230, 1996.

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