Monday, 13 August 2012

THE FUNERAL OF A GREAT MYTH ................

The funeral of a Great Myth :
C.S.Lewis : With many a great novel to his name wrote an essay called....."The funeral of a Great Myth"........The essay was about the theory of evolution and how indeed it is a myth reliant upon imagination and is full of enchantment . He also explains that we must be gentle in our presentation of The Truth . 
C.S.LEWIS .......
‘It appeals to the same innocent and permanent needs in us which welcome Jack the Giant killer. It gives us almost everything that the imagination craves—irony, heroism, vastness, unity in multiplicity and a tragic close. It appeals to every part of me except my reason. That is why those of us who feel that the Myth is already dead for us must not make the mistake of trying to debunk it in the wrong way. We must not fancy that we are securing the modern world from something grim and dry, something that starves the soul. The contrary is the truth. It is our painful duty to waken the world from an enchantment … .’
C.S.Lewis ,The funeral of a Great Myth. .Page 123.
‘That is why we must treat the myth with respect. It was all (on a certain level) nonsense but a man would be a dull dog if he could not feel the thrill and charm of it.
C.S.Lewis .
The atheistic evolutionary pied piper Richard Dawkins admitted himself that Darwin made it possible to be an intellectually fulfilled atheist.
Richard Dawkins, The Blind Watchmaker (1986), page 6

And we all know how wrong Darwin was and how even the evolutionary paradigm holders are claiming things have moved on since Darwin . In other words they know Darwin was wrong , and so did Darwin , so therefore Dawkins intellectual fulfillment is based on imaginitive hopeful storytelling rather than on the correct interpretation of the evidence which we all have .

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