Thursday, 30 August 2012

THE GOSPELS : Very close to the events they record :

THE GOSPELS : Very close to the events they record :
Many claim that the four Gospels Mathew , Mark , Luke and John were written too long after the events of The Ministry of Jesus Christ , for them to be trustworthy , some 20 to 60 years after the death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ . BUT the two earliest biographies of Alexander The Great , who died in 323 bc , were written some 400 years after his death by The Greek historian : Plutarch - Lucius Mestrius Plutarchus (Μέστριος Πλούταρχος),[1] c. 46 – 120 AD - and Arrian - Lucius Flavius Arrianus 'Xenophon' (ca. AD 86 - 160) .
Yet historians , state and consider them to be generally trustworthy .
So therefore , this makes the dating for the writings of The Gospels very negligible indeed when it comes to considering this as a factor as to their non accuracy to the events they record .

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