Monday, 11 February 2013

Mammals and Dinosaur co habitation , say the evolutionists as they follow in the footsteps of the Biblical Creationists :

EVOLUTIONARY PIED PIPERS admit what BIBLICAL CREATIONISTS have been teaching for millennia .
Amazing , how those who hold dearly to the evolutionary worldview always follow behind the Biblical Creationists when it comes to discoveries in the natural world :
Biblical Creationists have been telling the world for 6000 years that mammals and dinosaurs lived alongside one another , it has taken evolutionists to reach the 21st century to discover this , 3500 years after the No 1 best seller book "The Bible" recorded this fact in the book of Genesis .
Keep watching folks , soon , they will have to admit what Biblical Creationists have also been telling them for the same amount of time , and that is MAN and DINO also lived alongside one another .
The evolutionary timelines ie millions of years are also wrong , it may take them a bit longer to admit this . Just think of how many people have lived and died believing , what evolutionists keep claiming as fact , the evolutionary interpretations of the evidences that we all have . Now , clearly we can see that they can not be trusted when they claim their interpretation of the evidences as " truthful and factual " because , clearly , they are not . 

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