Thursday, 4 April 2013


INTELLIGENCE is needed to CREATE a COMPUTER , how much more intelligence is needed then to create the brain (computer) we are born with ? President Barack Obama recognizes the human brain (computer) leaves any computer that man has created far behind . 
"The most powerful computer in the world isn't nearly as intuitive as the one we are born with ."
President Barack Obama .

Isaac Asimov, for example, recognizes the apparent problem:
You can argue, of course, that the phenomenon of
life may be an exception [to the second law]. Life
on earth has steadily grown more complex, more
versatile, more elaborate, more orderly, over the billions
of years of the planet’s existence. From no life
at all, living molecules were developed, then living
cells, then living conglomerates of cells, worms, vertebrates,
mammals, finally Man. And in Man is a
three-pound brain which, as far as we know, is the
most complex and orderly arrangement of matter in
the universe. How could the human brain develop
out of the primeval slime? How could that vast
increase in order (and therefore that vast decrease in
entropy) have taken place? [1]

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